“Questions, Questions, always with the Questions”

Good evening.  (Serious voice on here.)

I’m not running an open Q&A site here.  I will deal with questions relating to posts here, but if you have a question to ask that’s not directly related to something on this blog, but is SQL Server related, then please take it to one of the SQL forums.  For this sort of thing, I recommend http://ask.sqlservercentral.com.  Ask there.  There’s a good skillset making their talents available to you free of charge.  And if I can help, I’ll join in.

And while I’m on the subject, if you are asking a question there (or, indeed, in any other similar forum), please remember (where appropriate) to include:

  • A coherent statement of your problem
  • schema excerpts – table definition, SP definitions etc
  • Some sample data – not a vast amount!
  • Expected output
  • What you’ve tried already

If you provide this information up front, then we’ll be able to help a lot quicker.  And there’s always a chance that the act of putting together this information causes you to rethink your problem and come up with the answer yourself.

And don’t be offended if we answer the question with a reference to the documentation – we’re trying to help you to learn the skills you need, rather than just do your homework for you!

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