SQLBits – Learning & Meeting People

SQLBitsThe count-down to SQLBits – “The 7 Wonders of SQL” has begun.

OK, so I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but I find myself rather looking forward to it.  It comes just as my current contract ends, and, due partly to this and partly to other issues) I can only make the free Saturday, but my word – what sessions!

Yes.  Free.  No charge.  And, if I read correctly, you don’t even need to pay for parking on campus on the weekend.  Hurrah!

25 sessions, 5 at a time, split into three streams (DBA, Developer, Business Informatics).  And some of the biggest names in the business will be presenting.  Free.

I’ve persuaded my current DBA colleague to attend, so at least I’ll know someone else there from Real Life (TM).  And I know a few of the guys from Twitter, AskSSC and my blog reading list will also be there, and I look forward to meeting them face-to-face.

Oh, and there’ll be several hundred other DBAs, and an assortment of suppliers to pester too.  And they’re still taking bookings.

I’m rather looking forward to this!  Except I’m a bit worried about how I’m going to explain the stains on my copy of Brent Ozar’s book.  Instant coffee, for shame!

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3 Responses to SQLBits – Learning & Meeting People

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  2. Brent Ozar says:

    HA! Instant coffee. When I first started dating Erika, that’s what she drank too. Now she’s spoiled. 😀 See you there!

  3. thomasrushton says:

    It’s not my first choice… but it’s a lot better than the stuff that comes out of the machines at work!

    Now, where’s that Sumatra Mandheling got to? Ah yes, come to me, my preciousssss…

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