SQLBits 8 is nigh!

SQLBits LogoHere we are, on the (almost) eve of SQLBits 8.  I’ve already booked the seminar I’m going to on the Thursday – I had to make that decision when booking my place.  So now it’s time to think about which sessions I would like to go to on the Friday and Saturday

There are always some clashes for me, because I’m always looking for something interesting rather than focusing entirely on one track – I might not stick with just the DBA sessions, but take a look at, for example, Matt Whitfield’s (blog | twitter) session on “10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts for the SQL Server CLR”.  But that clashes with Brad McGehee’s (blog | twitter) “Back from the Dead” session, and also with Gavin Payne (blog | twitter) talking about Virtualisation with SQL Server… And that’s just half the sessions that are running at 4pm on Friday.  Many of the other sessions also cause me similar issues.

I’ll sleep on it.  Maybe I’ll decide tomorrow.

The other reason to go to a conference like SQLBits, besides the top quality training, is to meet others in your line of work, talk, build relationships with them, so you have a group of people you can talk to about stuff rather than, for example, throwing a question out to the Twitterverse using the #sqlhelp hash tag, or asking the question on Ask SQLServerCentral – although both of those are good options!  I find it helps to be able to put faces to names, and have a natter about other stuff.

As well as talking to fellow SQL Server professionals, it’s a good opportunity to talk to suppliers too – I’m hoping to get some time to talk with some chaps from Quest, for example.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always the chance to get some swag!  I have a small boy who loves the big bright orange beanbag I got at the last one, provided by Idera.

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