Housekeeping, News, No SQL content

Nothing SQL-related to read here, so if that’s what you’re after, forget it for this month!

A couple of things have happened recently that haven’t necessarily warranted their own post, but, seeing as I’ve not done anything else blog-wise this week, this round-up will have to do.

Public Speaking

I finally overcame my diffidence at public speaking, and did a fifteen minute slot at the SQL South West user group inaugural meeting. This particular user group has had a long and difficult launch, not least because of the sheer distances and times involved in travelling in that part of the country. However, Jonathan “Fatherjack” Allen (blog|twitter) put in a lot of work, and managed to get this thing off the ground. There were three speakers – Jonathan presented a demonstration about the Red Gate SQL Monitoring system; a friend of his, Mike Casey, provided an introduction to Data Warehousing, and I spoke about a problem that I had encountered at work and my solution for that problem. (I’ll be blogging more on that subject later…) And then Jonathan spoke more about what he had gone through to get the UG up & running, and outlined some of the potential future speakers. I hope that I’ll be able to make it there again – as I’m a contractor who spends a lot of time working from home, it’s not always possible for me to be at the right end of the country for these extra-curricular activities.

SQL Server Bookshelf page

I finally got round to updating the “SQL Bookshelf” page, linked on the menu above. This is a work-in-progress; more detailed reviews may well be added over time, as will any more books that I buy / get given. This is not a recommended reading list, but is the collection of books that I have found handy in the past, or that I would like to read. If you have any further recommendations, please feel free to add comments.

The World of Work

The other bit of news is that my current contract got extended. OK, so it’s only an extra couple of months, but it all helps, and it all looks good on the CV! Which reminds me, I really ought to update my CV to reflect this, and upload it again to a couple of boards so the pimps stop calling (or at least slow down for 6 weeks or so…)


One of the groups I work with has just started rehearsals for its summer production of Eugene Onegin. Fortunately, I’m only in the pit orchestra for this! I’ve only attended one rehearsal so far (geographical inconvenience – I think I mentioned this already…), but it’s promising to be a good show. If you’re in Leeds in early July, and fancy a bit of culture, do pop along – I’ll be the big chap with the double bass. Say “hi”!

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