Ignoring the “T” of “ETL”

ETL.  You know what it stands for, I know what it stands for.

Extract.  Transform.  Load.

A simple enough concept, you would have thought.  Except those guys (the over-paid third-party consultants) want me to do the “T” part in the source database. A source database that we know to be flaky, that we know to be fragile, that we know to be unsupported when directly updating the back-end data, that we know to be a festering pile of … well, you get the picture.  And, in this particular instance, it’s one where the source field in question isn’t kept up-to-date by the client application, so it’s a job I’ll have to keep doing for the rest of the life of this system.  (The schema has over time proven so fragile that adding a trigger is not an option.)

Surely it’s a simple enough transformation to build into their scripts?  The basic logic, in the form of a SELECT statement:

WHEN Country_Code = 'USA' AND ( (State IS NULL) OR (State = '') )
    THEN County ELSE State END AS State, ...

It’s not rocket science as an extract/transform.  Why, therefore, do I find my mailbox filled to bursting with emails about it?

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