Red Gate – SQL Tab Magic – Preview

Red-Gate LogoThose clever chaps at Red Gate have had a “down tools” week – not quite sure what that means, as it sounds like hard work – and this time they’ve come up with “SQL Tab Magic“.

This simple-looking little tool (currently a time-limited unsupported preview) is there to remember your queries, even those you didn’t save. For example, I wrote a query to analyse someone else’s problem on Ask SSC, and didn’t save it. Naughty. Particularly if I want to see what that query was at a later date… Now, however, Red Gate’s SQL Tab Magic, a SSMS add-in, is here to the rescue. It saves your query to its own repository, whenever you execute a query or when you exit SSMS, or even (seemingly) periodically. Which is very helpful.

Another trick up Tab Magic’s sleeve is that it remembers which tabs you had open when you shut down SSMS, and brings those back, complete with any unsaved queries, even if SSMS crashed out (or was killed).

The final question, then – what about when SSMS crashes out? Well, you’re still stuffed, but at least you’ve got another tool to help you recover your work…

I like this tool. Nice and simple. Does the job. Looks good.

Thanks to Grant Fritchey (blog|twitter) for bringing this little tool to my attention.


SSMS Tools PackThis is not the only tool out there that does similar things – Mladen Prajdic (blog|twitter) provides the SSMS Tools Pack, that has some of this functionality already, in as much as it keeps track of queries that you don’t save. And the SSMS Tools Pack does so much more than “just” the query tracking stuff! If you’re not using it, check it out – it (a) is free, and (b) works with other versions of SSMS, including old and new… (OK, I say “free” in that Mladen doesn’t charge for it, but, if you use it, and you find it useful, then you really ought to help fund his lifestyle through the handy links on his site!)

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  1. Down tools week is where the developers take a week off, at work. They stop working on the software they normally work on and they find, or make, a project of their own, just so they can do something a little different, a little out there. I was at Red Gate in the middle of the downtools week last year and I saw people taking apart a Kinnect to figure out how it worked so they could something different with it. I just wish I was there to see all the cool tools. Only a few of them see the light of day. SQL Search is another one: I love that tool.

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