Red Gate – SQL Server Index Manager – Beta 2

Red Gate websiteRed Gate released the first Beta for their new Index Manager back in December, and I blogged about it then.  They have recently updated the Beta, and so I downloaded it and had another play. First attempt to use it, not so good: Cannot open database “Loading…”? Seems I’d been a bit too quick off the mark with the new Login / Connect window: See that bit at the bottom? ‘cos I missed it first time around, and so Index manager tried to evaluate the indexes in a database called “Loading…” It appears that Red Gate have, as they told us in the comments from my previous blog post, made some changes and you can now, at the connection screen, select which databases to evaluate in that dropdown which provides the following options:

  • individual databases
  • All user databases
  • All databases

Hurrah! As well as that fix, there’s also an “Options” option on the File menu that allow the more experienced DBA some finer control over the actions to be taken out: Some of the other things I suggested at the time have also been addressed, including:

  • Changing login credentials at the connection dialog
  • Column headers on the two main pages of the application now allow for sorting of results – very helpful particularly if you’ve got a lot of issues to address…

So, thank you to Red-Gate for taking the time to update this handy little tool.

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