SQL Saturday Pre-Con – Mission-Critical Data Platforms on Windows Server 2012

OK, my homework for SQL Saturday #194 (Exeter) has slowed somewhat. However, I would like to say a few words about this particular Pre-Con.

Christian Bolton & Gavin Payne are just two of the really high-powered consultancy Coeo, a very high-powered bunch, and they are the entire collection of Microsoft Certified Architects in various versions of SQL Server in the UK that aren’t employees of Microsoft. However, don’t let that scare you.

I was fortunate to attend Christian Bolton’s SQLBits Pre-Con in Liverpool, and I was a bit wary about it – would I be completely overwhelmed? The amount and depth of information Christian presents is spectacular, but the way he takes you through makes it all seem easy, and, best of all, completely logical. The SQLBits session was a full day of SQL Denali (as it then was), and started off with a gentle introduction, and went through the key new areas of Core, Security, ColumnStore, AlwaysOn (as it was called then), XEvents, and included a deep dive into Availability Groups. Phenomenal depth and detail, well organised and well presented. Gave me a good preparation for SQL Server 2012.

While on the subject of Christian’s skills here, I’m reminded of a deep-dive session he did for the SQL South West user group about 18 months ago on “Parallelism / CX Packet WaitTypes”. The audience wasn’t just hard-core DBAs, but a mix of DBAs, developers and BI people, and, I think, at least one pointy-hair manager-type. And I think he didn’t lose a single one on the trip.

As for Gavin, I’m in a somewhat odd position. I’m currently (still) babysitting and taking apart systems that he implemented about ten years ago! I attended his session in Liverpool (again) on monitoring SQL Servers in the virtual environment. Good helpful material that I’ve found useful in the last year or so.

So. Want to learn about the opportunities that Windows 2012 offers you, the SQL Server DBA? I know I do. I’m going to try to get into this SQL Saturday pre-con next month, and I would love to have a few other people in the class with me!  Present it to your management this way – one day of extremely high-powered training, for under £200.  How can they refuse?

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