SQL Saturday 194 Exeter Pre-Con – T-SQL and Internals

OK, Yes, it’s another post pimping a SQL Saturday 194 Exeter Pre-Con session. This time, a quick look at the Two Daves and their session on T-SQL and Internals. Now, I’ve not had the pleasure of attending a full day session from either of the Daves, let alone the two of them working in tandem; however, I have been to various one hour sessions that they have done.

In alphabetical order:

  • Dave Ballantyne (blog|twitter), founder of the Kentish SQL Server UG, doesn’t make it to my neck of the woods very often. But I have heard him speak at one of redgate’s SQL In The City events, and at the Leeds SQL Server User Group, where I’ve found him to be a good presenter of not too technically demanding material – taking you through the thought processes, and showing the results well.
  • Dave Morrison (blog|twitter) is the scary member of the tag-team – capable of attempting to go through an enormous amount of information in a very short time. I’m just sorry that there were recording / technical difficulties at his SQL Bits session where he takes us “Round The World of SQL Server Query Plan Operators“. This was always going to be an ambitious session…

The pre-con will be six hours of delving under the hood of T-SQL, finding out how to read and understand the Query Plans that SQL Server generates, and how to take those and manipulate your queries into something that runs better; quicker; faster, and blowing away a few myths about T-SQL.

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