VirtualBox, Windows Server 2012, BSODs

Those of you who are following me on Twitter may have noticed I’ve had a few BSODs (Blue Screens Of Death) during my recent fiddlings with Windows Server 2012 (both Core & GUI versions) under VirtualBox.

Kevin Chant (@kevchant) mentioned that he had had problems with the CTP version of Windows 2012 running with only one virtual processor (vCPU). I’d been using VirtualBox’s default settings – but hadn’t noticed that these virtual machines were, by default, only set up to use one vCPU.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a bit suspicious about working from a template that has BSOD’d several times during the initial install & patch routine, so I scragged them and started over. This time I was careful to go into the appropriate part of the Settings dialog:
VirtualBox CPUs
and set that to use 2 CPUs instead of the default 1. Seems to work; mind you, my laptop isn’t as happy with having multiple VMs running. Time for an upgrade?

I’ve now successfully built template VMs for Windows 2012 Server Standard Core & GUI versions with 2 vCPUs, and these have so far been stable. Yay. Onwards and upwards!

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