SQL Server 2012 Silent Install problems

Just been working on a silent install script for SQL 2012, and had a few odd errors.

Unfortunately, I don’t have direct access to the server, just to my notes from the install.

Error: “‘<null or empty string>’ is not a valid value for setting ‘ACTION'”
This appears to be related to a corrupted INI file. Though I couldn’t see what the corruption actually *was*. Putting in a fresh copy of the same file seemed to fix that.

Problem with accessing C:\SQLFULL_ENU\1033_ENU_LP\x64\Setup\sqlsupport_msi\PFiles\SqlServr\110\Setup\qfdhsf2y\e4grzzmx (or, rather, an RTF in a path that looked like this but had different last two directories). Check the edition you have, as it seems to differ from edition to edition. Not sure why the installer would care, though.

Error: “The /UIMode setting cannot be used in conjunction with /Q or /QS.”
Problem in the configuration file. The file was built from a normal installation, and we hadn’t commented out the UIMODE line, which conflicts with the /Q parameter. Oops.

Error: “The configuration file ‘”C:\SQL2012Media\SQLConfv3.ini /ACTION=RUNRULES /RULES=GlobalRules’ does not exist. Specify a valid configuration file”
This was a real pain to figure out. Turns out that the installer line we were using:
Setup.exe /Q /Action=INSTALL /IACCEPT... /CONFIGURATIONFILE="C:\SQL2012Media\SQLConfv3.ini"
should have been
Setup.exe /Q /Action=INSTALL /IACCEPT... /CONFIGURATIONFILE=C:\SQL2012Media\SQLConfv3.ini
Yes. Putting the name of the config file in quotes failed to get this thing running.

And NetFX3 wasn’t there either.

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