SQL Saturday 496 – Exeter – Pre-Con round-up

Where are we? What happened to the first eighth of the year?

Mid-February. Three weeks and SQL Saturday 496 will be over, and I’ll be in a rehearsal for Leeds G&S Society’s production of Orpheus in the Underwear Underworld. I’d better have a quick run-down of the Pre Con sessions that we’re putting on.

In no particular order, we have:

  • End to End Reporting Services, by Chris Testa-O’Neill
  • Machine Learning – without a PhD in Statistics, by Andrew Fryer
  • Query Processing and Optimisation, by Dave Ballantyne
  • SSIS End To End, by David Dye
  • Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate, by Andre Kamman and William Durkin.

I would like to write a few words about each of the speakers, but I can’t do justice to all of them – for starters, I’ve not met David Dye yet! But I’ll give it a go…

End to End Reporting Services, by Chris Testa-O’Neill

Chris has a stonking reputation as a trainer – Microsoft Certified Trainer, used to work for one of the big training companies. In this session, Chris will be running through SSRS, covering installation, design, delivery and deployment.

Machine Learning – without a PhD in Statistics, by Andrew Fryer

Andrew is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, so has access to all the top secret data knowledge. Or something. And he’s the man to take you through Machine Learning the Microsoft Way.

Query Processing and Query Optimisation Internals, by Dave Ballantyne

Dave is a regular speaker (oh, wait, our web page already says that), and has focused on the SQL Development side of things for most of the sessions I’ve seen him at. He’ll be going through reading execution plans, statistics, query cost estimation, and then showing you to interpret those results.

SSIS End to End, by David Dye

David the Data Cop? Maybe – I suspect carries a badge. He’s going to run through the SSIS environment, developing, debugging, deploying, and then maintaining your SSIS projects. David will also be discussing the differences between the various versions of SSIS, focusing on SSIS 2012.

Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate: The SQL Server Lifecycle, by Andre Kamman and William Durkin

Some top advice I’ve gleaned from listening to Andre over the years – “Get your coffee before you walk into the office”, and “There are some DBAs out there who will be replaced by a collection of scripts.” I don’t think Andre & William will be building on that, but rather will be going through what’s required as a SQL Server Estate Manager. How many SQL Server 2005 instances have you got? What about anything earlier than that? I know I’ve got some to worry about…

Want in on this?

These sessions are running in Exeter on Friday 11th March 2016. Check the SQL Southwest User Group event page for more details about the Friday speakers and sessions, and the SQL Saturday web page for details of the sessions that we’re running on the Saturday. I look forward to seeing you there. I’ll be the stressed-out one, corralling the speakers for you. I hope they behave!

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