PowerShell – Slicing

I was skimming through the first part of the Simple-Talk series on PowerShell Desired State Configuration, and I got to the bit that says “To install them, all you need to do is copy and paste them into your PowerShell modules folder”, and shows you the output of the author’s PSModulePath.

Get-ChildItem -Path Env:\PSModulePath | select value | fl *


Yeah, now compare that with the mess on my PC:


What’s that 4336724? Short attention span you guys have… See previous post.

Not very readable. At least, I can’t read it easily, so I need to split that into something a bit friendlier, like an actual list, one line per item. Fortunately, PowerShell has a split command that should do the job, as per this post ScriptingGuy’s Split Method in PowerShell.

Let’s give it a go:


As you can see from the above attempt, the result from that Get-ChildItem line is not a string, therefore the split() method is not available to us.

What it is, though, is a DictionaryEntry. And we can convert that to a string:

$([Convert]::ToString((get-childitem -Path env:\PSModulePath | select-object Value)))


which we can then split

$([Convert]::ToString((get-childitem -Path env:\PSModulePath | select-object Value))).split(";")


Which seems to work, except the results show the artefacts left behind by the string having been converted from a dictionary entry, ie the “@{Value=” at the beginning, and the “}” at the end.

So what we need to do instead is to treat it right. Treat it like the right sort of object in the first place, and iterate through the members of the dictionary collection, and slice the string properly:

(get-childitem -path Env:\PSModulePath | select-object Value) | foreach-object { $_.("Value").split(";") }


That’s what I was looking for. A nice, clear list that I can read easily. And in reading, I can spot some inconsistencies, such as some lines ending with “\”, and some without. And one set of modules having a “\\” in the path. Tsk.

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