Windows 2012 R2 KB2883200 / KB2919355

In case you ever get round to trying to install vNext (or SQL2016SP1) on a Windows 2012R2 server, you may encounter some problems with missing updates. At least, I did, while following these steps:

  • Create new Windows 2012 R2 VM
  • Apply all updates
  • Apply all updates
  • Wonder why KB2883200 isn’t installing


Grovelling around in MS’s website, you’ll find a link that says that KB2883200 has been superceded by KB2919355, which is hidden from Windows Update by default. WHY?

So you think “I’ll just install it manually”. Which also fails.

You first need to install KB2919442.

This then causes KB2919355 to appear in Windows Updates. (I’m fairly sure I saw it and KB2883200 at the same time, but I’ve not been able to replicate that; if this one does appear, then don’t bother with it.)

Confused? You will be. Particularly when you realise that 2919355 < 2919442, implying that this is a fix to fix a cockup that was intended to fix another cockup. Or something like that.

I also liked / enjoyed the way that the link under "this update fixes some issues" just takes you to the Microsoft Support homepage, rather than anything more useful. Helpful.

So, install that update, reboot, re-run windows updates. Oh look. Another 184 updates to install. Deep joy.

Other references:

I should feel the need to rant, but this happened a couple of months ago, and I’ve only just got round to writing a quick blogpost about it. And even then, I cheated – this is just a regurgitation of an email to a colleague…

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