I joined the wonderful world of work in 1993, and saw my first SQL Server database a couple of years later, when working for an insurance firm. Since then, I have been working with SQL Server in every job I’ve had, as developer, consultant, internal guru and even as IT manager (it was a hands-on role). Nowadays, I’m most a SQL DBA doing contract work. My most recent contract has me working with every version of SQL Server from 7 – 2017, and some Azure work.

My work has never been restricted to SQL Server – even while on DBA-specific contracts, I’ve been programming, designing devious workarounds, and doing business analysis work, as well as casting a beady eye over systems that are well established and finding out what we can do to improve their performance (or just identifying some of the reasons why certain systems aren’t performing as well as they should be).

I’m based in the mainland UK. I’m involved in the wider SQL Community, acting as moderator on ASK SQL Server Central and the main SQL Server Central forums. I presented at the inaugural meeting of SQL South West user group, and am on the committee of their SQLSaturday and Data In Devon events, and have been an official helper at the SQLBits conferences.

For more information about my work, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

— Thomas Rushton


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