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Memory Pressure in SQL Server

Servers with memory pressure are a nuisance – be they badly specified or misconfigured. Either way, they’re not performing properly. But the question is how often and how long are they affected? How to Identify For Memory Pressure Query from … Continue reading

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Using Redgate SQL Monitor with Azure Virtual Machines

We have an environment built out of SQL Servers installed on Azure Virtual Machines. We want to use Redgate’s SQL Monitor to monitor this environment; however, as of version 4.x it wasn’t completely supported on the Azure platform. Mainly, I … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #35 – Soylent Inbox

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly SQL Server blogging event.  One of us sets a topic for the month’s event, and we all have a week in which to write a blog post that fits that topic.  This month’s event is … Continue reading

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Querying SQL Server Event Logs to search for DBCC CheckDB output

This is a long-winded response to a query raised on AskSSC, about how to report on the running of DBCC. One way suggested was to use Ola Hallengren’s scripts to schedule and report. However, I have another way that I … Continue reading

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Housekeeping, News, No SQL content

Nothing SQL-related to read here, so if that’s what you’re after, forget it for this month! A couple of things have happened recently that haven’t necessarily warranted their own post, but, seeing as I’ve not done anything else blog-wise this … Continue reading

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Agresso Database Servers – Maintenance Checklist

This is some information that was not made available to us, the DBA team, on a site I worked at recently.  I suspect that I was not in a unique situation, so I’m providing the DB Server parts of those … Continue reading

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